Our Goal


Arab Risk Awareness Project 

A well-known Risk Management in our region.





  • To encourage Arab World to start seriously adopting RM  according to the world best practices (Enterprise Risk Management – ERM) Approach.
  • To Move  from reactive to proactive in managing unpleasant side of risk
  • To Enhance opportunities by providing a critical informative knowledge based on a scientific risk assessment approach to improve decisions, operations, and business management.
  • To deal with all perspective risk in a one portfolio (ERM); this will improve risk management integration, prioritization and then decision making and all organization's activities .
  • For better understanding, planning and control for the expected unpleasant circumstances and its consequences’ (business continuity management, crisis management, and resilience).
  • To decrease RM cost  (professional providers, better RM management practices, better solutions, and better decision ).
  • To reduce the likelihood of ineffective RM and lost opportunities, the project will provide the right RM knowledge which is distorted by unprofessional providers in our region and caused for an ineffective RM due to the wrong advices, solutions and RM tools. 

Our Mission

  • Increasing RM community.
  • Arabizing and Unifying RM glossaries in all Arab countries.
  • Providing adequate good RM resources in Arabic Language.
  • Encourage Arab Countries to start seriously adopting RM.
  • Providing RM awareness courses.



  • Providing free Risk Management awareness for the highest number of organizations and the interested persons in our region.
  • Producing Arabic/English Risk Management Dictionary to unify the most famous risk management glossary in all Arab Countries.
  • Working in translating good resources for risk management to Arabic language to provide adequate Arabic Risk Management knowledge to help organizations in the Arab World to start implementing and /or improve their risk management .
  • Organizing activities to provide the knowledge of the best risk management practices for all Arab Countries.


Risk Management Awareness Project aims to improve the understanding of  the contemporary Risk Management concept and practices in our region which will positively impact  organizations performance and management for their forthcoming events.

The first stage of this project was done by the Chair of IRM Jordan & Palestine Regional Group, Jrmc CEO Ms. Raida Mashal and it won MEA Special Recognition Awards and listed in the finalist list of MEA Risk Communication Strategy of the Year.

However, for the second stage, the implementation, Jrmc adopted the project to ensure the achievment of its objectives and that due to the absence of RG resources.

Moreover, Jrmc too proud to  improve the project scope by including all the Arab Countries. 



MEA Special Recognition Awards

What we are doing to achieve our goal

Encouraging organizations to start implementing RM
  1. Providing free a half day RM awareness session (Introduction to the Contemporary Risk Management (ERM)), outlining its importance and added value  on their organizations, providing the main concept about ERM and its mechanizm, the ERM famous frameworks, RM policy, process, RM people competancies and the main points to have a sustainble and effeicient  RM in organizations. 
  2. Building partnership with sectors organizers to help us reach and deliver our services to the highest number of  organizations.
  3. Circulating emails to outline the importance of RM on organizations outcomes.
  4. Organizing regional  risk managment awareness activities. 


Providing adequate range of good  Arabic RM resources 

  1. Issuing Arabic English RM Dictionary, in process incorporate with the Jordan Academy of Arabic (JAA)  
  2. Unifying RM terms in all Arab countries after issuing the dictionary.
  3. Translating valuable RM Academic and Professional books to  Arabic language. will be started after issuing the dictionary.


Building RM Bank Data to Keep Us on the Right Track
  1. A continuous evaluation for our services and its impact on organizations by a questionnaire after our free session.
  2. Building RM bank data  to our region to evaluate organizations’ RM maturity, a questionnaire is distributing to the organizations we visit.
Increasing growth of RM community
  1. Opening a LinkedIn & Facebook pages and encouraging organizations and people to start discussing and  reporting RM  issues.
  2. Providing organizations with  RM employees  qualifications and competencies that will create demand on RM Academic and professional   degrees.

Free half day Contemporary Risk Management training course:

The purpose of this free training course  is to raise basic awareness of  the importance of risk management and its ovaral positive impact on organizations, provide basic information about the enterprise risk management  concepts and mechanisms, types of risks, competencies of risk management people to decrease the level of unemployment in risk management  and improve risk management practices in organizations.



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